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Experience Fireworks in a New Way


Not all fireworks are created equally. When you set off fireworks from Black Raptor Fireworks, you'll instantly notice the difference in quality. Our fireworks are created by a family-owned factory in China that's been in operation for over 1,000 years. Their formula has been passed down and perfected over many generations. The result is fireworks that shine amazingly bright and are waste-free.

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Don't Settle for Dull Fireworks

If you're setting off fireworks to celebrate a special occasion, you want to create a show that will stun and amaze your audience. That means that you'll need top-quality materials. Fireworks aficionados prefer our products for many reasons. Our fireworks:

  • Burn without foil, making them environmentally friendly
  • Shine far brighter than other brands, so they'll truly stand out
  • Come in a wide variety of colors, including blue and purple

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